Sunday, 28 August 2011

Encaustics in Indian Country

I have recently begun exploring the world of wax.  I am searching to find a way to add dimension and texture to work my 2D work.  Encaustics has provided some measure of the depth that I am pursuing.  I have tried a number of pieces; some successful, some not.  This piece Wanting and Wandering is now available at Elevation Gallery.
I am very excited about this pursuit because, in October, I will be attending a 3-day workshop by internationally renowned, encaustic artist, Debra Van Tuinen of Seattle, highlighting traditional encaustic techniques. There will be an exhibition, immediately following the course, entirely of encaustic works--those in the course as well as other including Arleigh Wood, Pascale Ouellet and others. Very excited to play in their playground.  Check out the Elevation Gallery Blog which has more information on the class and upcoming shows at: